When I came to London from southern Poland in 2006, I did not think that my path would be Polynesian massage. I'd been interested in natural medicine for many years, but it was only when in unlikely circumstances I found myself in a Lomi Lomi massage workshop in 2008, that I was inspired to take a new direction. It was something special, a treasure that I wanted to share with others. From there my learning has lasted many years and I see that it has no end.
A few years later, travelling for a year or more around Asia, I had the honour to encounter other ancient healing arts and traditions in person. Living in China, I became fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine and began to explore this ancient medical knowledge.
Travelling around India, Nepal and Tibet introduced me to the power of sound, in particular the therapeutic use of Tibetan singing bowls. So my skills expanded and new, holistic ways of helping people began to take shape that today I offer in the midst of the urban jungle.

Schools and teachers:

Susan P`ainiu Floyd - Lomi Lomi Nui “Aloha International” – Kilauea, Hawaii

Julian Rok - Lomi Lomi Nui “Kiaora International Center Of Polynesian Body Work Practice”

Krystyna Mecik - Sound Therapy Level 2, Peter Hess Academy, Poland

BTEC Therapeutic Massage (Level 5) - London School of Massage

BTEC Professional Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Body Massage (Level 3)

FHT Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage - London School of Massage

Kris Deva North, Universal Healing Tao UK