What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian Massage is an unique flowing, vibrant and dynamic all body massage that can very quickly release the stresses and strains of modern living so we can find greater awareness and connection within our bodies.

Lomi Lomi massage is a form of full body massage that is unlike any other massage modality. As a client receiving a Lomi Lomi massage the main difference you will notice is that the massage is performed on your entire body at once. Unlike most other massages where the therapist uncovers and treats one body region at a time, in a Lomi Lomi massage the therapist will use long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement massaging both the top and the underside of your body.

Normally you are draped with a towel just to cover the intimate area which were considered sacred in Hawaii. While face up women are customarily offered breast covering, however, in traditional Lomi Lomi no breast covering is used. While the breasts are not massaged, the sternum (between the breasts) is massaged along with the entire side of the body.

Honoring the body in a sensual massage

Receiving a Lomi Lomi massage was considered a great honor in ancient Hawaii. The treatment was performed for centuries in Hawaiian temples as a rite of passage and renewing ritual. A young man or young woman receiving a Lomi Lomi would often have a vision or intuitive feeling as to what their place in the community would be. Today’s practitioners still recognize and respect the sacredness of this treatment. The client is treated with great honor and is considered a sacred body on an altar by the therapist. While the full body strokes and embracing techniques can make this massage a very sensual experience for the client, the therapist is always viewing the client through this sacred lens thus allowing the client the freedom to relax and embrace their feelings without judgment by the therapist.

Deep tissue work based on ancient Hawaiian techniques focused on your upper and lower back, shoulders, arms and legs.

This is a standard full body Hawaiian massage (without intimate areas) from toes to top of your head that includes deep tissue on the back, front and back of upper and lower extremities, head, face, feet, hands and abdominal massage.

This is an experience of total relaxation and rejuvenation of entire body; as above with additional work on improving joint articulation for better flexibility. This two-hour session also allows an extra focus on those areas that need most attention.   

Prices vary depend on location, duration and treatment plans.
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The best time of my day having the massage, made me feel brand new. I do recommend to everyone, it is a such wonderful experience that I'll have again✨ Slaw thank you and see you soon

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